Fashion Friday - Courtney Beth (Walcott)

I have been looking forward to this post since I started The DiversAble Model Project! Have you ever heard someone say they've known someone forever? We usually think this person is exaggerating, just trying to express knowing someone for a long time. In this case, I'm just barely exaggerating. I've known this week's DiversAble Model since we were a year old!! She is my very best friend and sister from another mother. I proudly present the stunningly gorgeous COURTNEY BETH!

Courtney is wearing the Heirloom Crystal Necklace
I could go on gushing about this humble woman forever, but I'll let her share in her own words:

"When I was born, I was diagnosed with Phocomelia and Femoral Focal Proximal Distal Deficiencies. I am missing my upper limbs, and stand at about 4'. I've lived most of my life in The Bronx, but attended a school in Long Island for people with disabilities. When I first began college,I felt extremely unprepared and unsure of myself, so graduating with my B.S. in Psychology and Communication and Media Studies is definitely my greatest accomplishment. 
The fashion and entertainment industries project a very narrow image onto a wide population whom they do not represent. During my studies, it was made clear that those images, unattainable and unrealistic for so many, shape our (society's) standard of beauty. The images need to change! The images need to represent the people who purchase and wear what is being sold. People with Diverse Abilities need to be included, not to exclusion of the images that already exist, but along with them, to provide an accurate projection of life. 
This project is important to me because as a disabled person, it is personal to me. It is shining a light on something that DiversAble people have always known...that when it comes to media, be it magazines, movies, or television, we are grossly under-represented. Through this project, Amanda is taking action and doing something about it. This project has the potential to become a movement for change, not just in the fashion industry, but throughout society. I am proud to play even a small role, in something so huge."

I wouldn't be where I am without a friend like you <3 Thank you for always supporting my crazy ;-)

Find out how you can become a DiversAble Model like Courtney by going to my online boutique (, and then comment below or message me.  


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