Fashion Friday - Tiffany Hall

It's time to reveal Mandi's second CandI DiversAble Model!!! I went to school with this beautiful woman and we grew really close during a youth exchange trip to Ireland. When you've traveled that far with someone, time nor distance can break that bond. I'm so excited to introduce Tiffany Hall (Jackson was her maiden name).

Though hard to see, Tiffany is wearing her Birthstone (Garnet) Stud Earrings

Read Tiffany's story in her own words:
"My name is Tiffany S. Hall and I live in Brooklyn, New York. My diverse ability is called Bilateral Femoral Dysgenesis Syndrome. I was born on January 18, 1984 at Woodhull Hospital. I'm the youngest of three daughters and the only one to have a disability. Though there isn't a lot of information on B.F.D.S., it's basically a fancy way of saying my bones didn't form properly. Needless to say, I've been living in a world made for "normal" people. Being 3'7 and on the plush side of the scale, I've had to find my way around height and fashion boundaries. I've struggled with self-esteem most of my life and I might still have those issues if my best friend, now turned husband, hadn't come back into my life when he had. Though it seems kind of corny, I feel my greatest accomplishments, as of yet, have been graduating high school, overcoming my hatred of myself, and helping raise my two wonderful stepsons.
This project is important to me because jewelry doesn't discriminate! There's no height requirements to wear it, or to enjoy it. As for the fashion industry, I've personally experienced a few issues while shopping. Being short and curvy makes finding bottoms that fit right nearly impossible. The only pants that actually fit me are capris and don't get me started on finding skirts!
I feel society needs to be a bit more open minded and innovative when it comes to the disabled community. For instance, when they make "wheelchair accessible" bathrooms, instead of modeling it for hospital chairs they could have different types of chairs on call to make sure all can fit. Not all wheelchairs are the same size. It would be nice if society would consult us about what we actually need while attempting to improve our lives."

I love that Tiffany  said " doesn't discriminate!" That's such a powerful statement. Thank you Tiffany for supporting this project and helping to empower people with diverse abilities!!

Please consider supporting Tiffany and other DiversAble Models like her by commenting below and/or making a purchase from Mandi's CandI Shop at A portion of the proceeds will help fund this project. If you'd like to donate non-discriminatory CandI jewelry, comment below or message me on Facebook today!


  1. I loved reading Tiffany's story- and I hope I get to see more photos of her!

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