Mandi's CandI Corner!

Hey guys! It's time for another Flavor of the Week!  This week's premiere set is the Celestial Frost collection, one of the more elegant CandI Collections!  It dresses up even the most casual outfits, and can fit in at even the most elegant evening parties.  Inspired by Winter Lights, from the Aurora Borealis to the most spectacular Christmas light show on the block.  Mostly iridescent, with predominant hints of pink, these pieces go perfectly with black or white outfits, with pink accents, or royal purple.  If any of you have any pictures of outfits featuring Celestial Frost, send it to us and we'll feature it in the next CandI Corner.  We'll shout you out and share your picture!  Also, if anyone has any suggestions for future Flavors of the Week, then let us know.  Take a look through Mandi's online catalog to get ideas, find collections you'd like to see featured, and let us know! Go to

See you next week at Mandi's CandI Corner! 


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