Thankful Thursday - Joanne Sims

Welcome to another edition of Thankful Thursday! Do you recognize the beautiful woman pictured above? This is my good friend Joanne Sims :-)

Joanne has known me since I was a baby at Saint Mary's Hospital for Children, where she was my favorite volunteer. This is one of the most kind-hearted women you will ever meet. She began volunteering at the Henry Viscardi School and supported me and my friends throughout elementary school and well into my secondary education. Joanne has always been there for me for all the important happenings of my life.

A few weeks ago, I posted a Facebook status asking for a DiversAble Ally to help sponsor a DiversAble Model. I gave a brief description of the trying situation this Model was facing and I soon received a message from Joanne. She knew who I was talking about and was excited to sponsor her! I'll be revealing the gorgeous model she sponsored tomorrow.

Joanne, I'm so grateful for you and your love and support throughout the years. You are a true DiversAble Ally! Your kindness and generosity has helped so many people like me get to where we are today. Thank you <3

You too can join Joanne and become a DiversAble Ally by going to and placing your order today.


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