Thankful Thursday - Val Laramee

CandI: Meridian Convertible Pendant + Paillete Single Drop Earrings

The woman pictured on your left is not only an amazing mother, wife, nurse, friend, and Divisional Merchandiser Manager with Chloe + Isabel, but she is also a DiversAble Ally! This real life Wonder Woman is Val Laramee!!

I first came to know Val when we had a phone conversation back in October about my vision for my CandI business. Before she even knew about my own diverse abilities, Val was encouraging me to open myself up to my network and to reach beyond my imagination. When CandI announced that they'd be hitting NYC for the Flock Tour (CandI training and convention), I knew I wanted to go and that the time had come to reveal my diverse abilities. I called her up and explained the special accommodations I needed and, to my surprise, Val's response was so nonchalant. It was as if she knew all along and it was no biggie! Her support of my business and her friendship has really inspired me and moved me to go forward with this project.

Val chose to go above and beyond and sponsored one of Mandi's CandI DiversAble Models (soon to be featured). She is an official #DiversAbleAlly! Thank you Val for being an amazing leader, my cheerleader, and a great friend!!

You can join Val in the DiversAble Ally club by sponsoring a DiversAble Model today! Go to and order any piece of jewelry to donate or for yourself. A portion of the proceeds will go towards funding this project!


  1. Amanda, this made my day! I'm so glad c+i brought you into my life. You are a huge asset to our team, and your diverse abilities fit right in with everyone else's. While we're thrilled you felt safe enough to share your story with us, it doesn't even matter. You're YOU. That's what matters.

  2. Val is a wonderful ally to all and this project is a beautiful one! Thank you for featuring all of the people and models behind the DiversAble mission, it's amazing to see who is involved!

  3. Luv this! Val is definitely a modern day Wonder Woman and y'all are both amazing!


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