Worship Wednesday!

Hey guys!  Visiting some more people with disabilities and how they relate to Christ in the Gospels.  Also, discovering how supposed "followers" of Christ interacted with these people, and how their shameful types of behavior live on today, and how Christ treated these people with dignity and respect.  Who will you emulate?  Share your stories, either about how someone in the Church marginalized or ostracized you or someone you know due to a disability, or how someone in the Church represented a God that values his children.  We want to foster a community here, of both DiversAble individuals and Allies, where we can be real and genuine with each other.  Don't forget to share this post on your social media, and like the videos and posts as much as you can.  The higher you rate this stuff, the more attention it will get!

God bless!


  1. My experience within the church has been someone instantly wants to pray for me or give counsel on how to speak. Although I do believe in miracles (soy hijo de Milagros,) and speedh therapy was useful as a child, too many have looked on the surface without looking deeper.

    Between my speech and my upbringing, things were not easy. I am also the son of a minister. And although I did not realize it at first, I felt the weight of the pressure late into my teens. From the laying of the hands for healing, while being placed on a pedestal needlessly, my soul was rotting. I've dealt with family whispering prayers while I am trying to speak. My speech was something that needed healing, while the fact I was planning to commit suicide in front of my father probably didn't matter. The fact I couldn't be myself was probably irrelevant as long as I lived the illusion of holiness. No one knew how badly I was bleeding on the inside.

    Where I am have been the place of healing these past several years. For once, I have been able to ditch the old baggage, and be myself within a church. It is refreshing to know that I am not a medical case, but I am a human being who has been able to learn to forgive the people in the past, mend some broken relationships, move on from abusive ones, all the while being able to talk about silly stuff within a church. I've come to learn who I am today, and as a result, although I can tell, and have found ways to work around, people have actually barely been able to tell that I stutter.

  2. Edwin! I'm so grateful for you and I appreciate you sharing so openly here. People need to hear stories like yours and I hope everyone can be as blessed to find a wonderful church family like we have.


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