Fashion Friday - Alicea Pratt Saldana

On August 2, 1992 a three year old little girl played near her tenth floor window in Brooklyn. Dad was out for breakfast, while mom awaited comfortably in her pajamas. Within seconds, the unthinkable happened. The window guard was loose and the little girl fell down ten stories! I am blessed to present the survivor of this horrific accident, Alicea Pratt Saldana:

She spent two years recovering from her fall and is paralyzed from the waist down. However, as you can see in the picture above, Alicea is no stranger to a good time! She will be 26 years old on May 20th and says her greatest accomplishment is the ability to live her life the way she's always wanted to. Alicea now lives in Freeport, Long Island and is very enthusiastic about The DiversAble Model Project. She joined the project because she believes it gives women with Diverse Abilities a chance to be seen as equals. The project allows women with Diverse Abilities to be just as fashionable as the next person!

Alicea, your joy in the face of all you've been through is encouraging! Your story is a reminder that anyone can become a person with Diverse Abilities. This is such an important reminder for people because the need for support and compassion is urgent. Thank you for being the feisty, fun, and strong woman you are!

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