Fashion Friday - Monica de la Cruz Mendoza

Today's DiversAble Model comes from sunny Orlando, Florida! We met in New York at a camp, where we spent many of our our summers. She has grown into a beautiful woman and mom. She has become a strong supporter of this project and boldly reached out to me asking for a DiversAble Ally. Here is her story in her own words:

"My name is Monica de la Cruz Mendoza. I am from Orlando Florida and I have Cerebral Palsy. I went to Children's Bible Fellowship for many years and that's where I met Amanda. She is an amazing friend and an inspiration to me!
One of my greatest accomplishments was becoming a mother because there were a lot of obstacles that I had to overcome for that miracle to happen. My other greatest accomplishment was moving to another state with my child and supporting my family on my own. Another accomplishment I am proud is having become a part of United Cerebral Palsy of New York City. This organization has taught me a lot about my own Diverse Ability and introduced me to people with many other Diverse Abilities. 
Being part of The DiversAble Model Project is important to me because it's time for society to have an open mind, particularly the fashion world. Beauty comes in different shapes, sizes and forms. I think it's time that society, including corporate America and the fashion world, see people with Diverse Abilities as a community that contributes, that does the same or equal amount of work as the average person, and that there is no difference between them and us. We are marketable people!
I am truly blessed and honored to be a part of this project, to be one of the many faces that will open the doors for the future and the present for people with Diverse Abilities. Thank you Amanda for inviting me to be a part of this project and I hope I can be an asset to many more to come!"

Thanks Monica, for your kind words and for being a leader in your community. We will do great things together!

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  1. Monica looks gorgeous!! I hope she LOVES that necklace.

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