Mandi's CandI Corner - Mandi CandI Stylebox

Do you know what I saw on the news the other day? It was a segment on the latest thing trending, particularly for women. It's the Surprise Stylebox! That's right, it is the thing to shop for this year.

As your personal Merchandiser and stylist, I've decided to help you get in on this latest trend. Beginning May 1st, I will be offering all of you a subscription to a Mandi CandI Surprise Stylebox!!+ This is a perfect way for you to stay in fashion + support The DiversAble Model Project*. Every box you receive will include at least one piece from our latest collection. If you live locally, or are willing to pick up your boxes, I may include extra goodies ;-)

Check out the image in this post to see all the great budget options I'm offering. Once you select your style, budget**, and frequency, or if you would like to discuss other Stylebox options, comment here, message me on Facebook, or email me at and I'll get you set up.

+This offer is EXCLUSIVELY offered by me; this is not a Chloe and Isabel wide opportunity
*A portion of all Stylebox proceeds will go towards upcoming events for The DiversAble Model Project
**Payment will be accepted via credit card on file, Paypal, or cash/money order (for locals)


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