Thankful Thursday - Angelica Tineo

Hey Everyone!

This is Angelica.  She's one of our son's Godmothers.  She and her husband Franklyn, they've been lifesavers for Amanda and I.  We've known them for a few years, but really, it feels like we've known them forever.  I thank God, often (probably like every week or so, give or take ;-), for these two, especially Angie.

As a lot of you may have read in my post on Tuesday, life can get a little hairy around here.  Since Little Bear was born, there are very few people that we've trust to take care of him, until more recently.  Angie is on that very short list.  She has done so much to support us in our everyday lives, that's almost enough to warrant calling her a DiversAble Ally with just that.  But there's more!

Even before Amanda started pursuing the DiversAble Model project, Angie has supported her jewelry business.  She has hosted parties, she has helped Amanda set up her displays, run events.  Now that Amanda's added the DiversAble dimension, Angie has been more on board than ever.  Even though the DiversAble Model Project is bigger than Angie, bigger than each of us individually, really, I don't think there would have been a DiversAble Model Project if it hadn't been for her.  So, on behalf of all of the models, and everyone who'll be inspired by them, thank you Angelica!

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  1. Omg guys this made me cry! I am more than greatful to God for you guys, your kindness, awesome friendship and DIVERSEABILITIES 😉 have changed my life, not to mention being little bears God mommy. THANK YOU!


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