Thankful Thursday - Anonymous Allies

Do you normally sit through the credits at the end of a movie? Do you read the acknowledgment page in a book? I have to confess that I didn't used to (except in Marvel films when you know there's a little clip at the end!) I know that the reason I didn't watch the credits or pay much attention to the acknowledgments is because it took too long and I didn't feel personally connected to any of the people.

I started Thankful Thursday because I didn't just want to focus on people with visible Diverse Abilities. I want this project to unite people from around the world! I wanted to take the time to share the stories and faces of those who support the inclusion of people like me in society. This project has many DiversAble Allies and some have asked to remain anonymous.

I want you each to know that this project wouldn't exist without you! We appreciate the time you take to think of people who may be struggling because of their Diverse Abilities. I  personally appreciate the notes you send and comments you post to encourage and motivate me to go on. I also am so grateful for the support you have shown my CandI business, as are the women you have sponsored.

I now look at the credits in films a little more closely and I take time to read those acknowledgments in books. You may be behind the scenes in this project, but you are all very special to me!  

Ask me how you can help support the inclusion of people with Diverse Abilities today! Join this movement called The DiversAble Model Project by placing an order of any amount on my CandI boutique (plus you get gorgeous jewelry). Shop at


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