Tuesday Truth - I Don't Want To Be Inspiring

I often get asked questions like, "How do you type?", or "Can you travel alone?" People seem to be amazed at the basic things I do, especially when it goes against their idea of what it means to be "disabled."

When you look at our public assistance and welfare services, you will see that our government perpetuates the idea that "disabled people" are unable to be productive contributors to society. In fact, we are penalized by the rules whenever we behave "normally." When I was ready to begin college, I was told by my home care agency that my Home Attendant could not accompany me because I obviously didn't require services if I could go to school. I guess I was supposed to starve and not use the bathroom for the day until I got home. I am blessed in that my mom was a very strong advocate for me. My Medicaid health insurance was recently turned off (though they pay for my home care) because "I made too much money."

As a person with Diverse Abilities, it is frustrating to live in a society where you are fawned over for being able to master an activity of daily living, yet prohibited from achieving great success because, then you just can't actually be "disabled."

I do not ask for special treatment, but for the playing field to be level. I ask for a chance to be able to do inspiring things, instead of being inspiring for just living. My standard for myself is much greater than writing with my mouth or getting on public transportation. I don't want to stand out...I want to be outstanding!

Feeding my Little Bear his first solid meal
Carrying my Little Bear
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  1. Great blog showing your personal strength! Since you were a baby your mother was always a great advocate for you! It's really hard to fight the system and I understand your frustration but you are OUTSTANDING!! Keep up the good work! 💗💋


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