Worship Wednesday - God & Fashion

Fashion is about esteem, confidence, and sometimes, in ideal situations, artistic expression.  When God made Adam and Eve, they were created naked, and they remained naked, until they fell out of perfect relationship.  Then they built clothes out of leaves, what they had available.  Not because they were uncomfortable physically, but because they now needed masks.  That's what clothing, and fashion, is all about, mostly.  Create an image you want people to see you by, often create an image that manipulates people into acting a certain way towards you, which can affect how you live in public. 

Sometimes, very rarely, we use our clothes and our accessories to show the world parts of who we really are.  That's artistic expression.  Mostly, though, we show the world who we want to be, who we want others to see us as.  It helps us believe some of those things about ourselves when we can't do it in our own power.  This sounds sad, and it is a result of our living in a Fallen World(tm), but in some ways, it's a way we can fight some of the symptoms of living in a Fallen World(tm), too.  We are all of us, beautiful, brilliant, important.  To God, to each other, and to the Grand Scheme of Things(tm).  Otherwise, to be really honest, we wouldn't exist.  God is too meticulous for that.  Sometimes, we let ourselves, or others, or the Enemy, convince us otherwise.  That's where good fashion can sometimes come in.  We want to feel strong, we dress like a B.A.M.F (acronym for something I can share with you later, in private), whether that means like a biker for some of us guys, or a hot, boss chick for some of our ladies.  We want to feel beautiful, worthy, we try and get people's attention.  We want to feel loved and cuddled, sometimes we put on pajamas, or sweats, or something that will help us feel cozy.  That's a fashion choice, too.

The DiversAble Model Project, well, it recognizes that the fashion industry itself has become a tool for the devaluation of people.  Society, including ourselves, have created these images of what a perfect man and woman look like.  None of us look like them, and we all feel terrible for that.  People with DiversAbilities can get hit the hardest with this.  Others can work out, or diet, or have surgery, or change their clothes, and at least get closer to what they want to look like.  Most of the time people with DiversAbilities can't.  The DMP (DiversAble Model Project) tries to look away from the pretentious image we all hold to be the perfect man and woman, and tries to look towards the reality of all of our value in the eyes of God.  Then the DMP tries to remind people, models and allies and onlookers alike, that even if fashion is a mask to help us look like who we want to be, we really want to remember the beauty God sees in us, and that's why we celebrate the way he made us!

One day, we won't need fashion, as we'll be perfectly safe and welcomed.  Also, we'll probably be able to artistically express ourselves somehow else.  But, in the meantime, fashion is not bad, it's just a tool for coping with the fallen nature of our world.  Keep up the good fight. 

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