Fashion Friday - Trisha Douglas

This beautiful woman is my (Mandi's) friend Trisha Douglas! She has faced much adversity in her life, yet through her faith in Jesus Christ she finds the strength to smile and make others laugh too. She has no fear of saying what's on her mind, so here she tells her story:

"My name is Trisha Douglas and I live in The Bronx, NY, but I'm originally from Brooklyn. My Diverse Ability is called Cerebral Palsy. I was born with Cerebral Palsy because I was born premature at 7 months. I am 27 Years old. I love to read and write poetry. I love fashion and really have my own sense of style. I love certain trends, but I love to put my own twist on them. 
My greatest accomplishment in life so far is being the first one of my siblings to get accepted into college . I'm not enrolled in college at the moment due to tuition issues, but I hope to one day receive my bachelor's degree in Nursing and become an emergency room triage nurse. 
I believe you should never let your physical limitations stop you from achieving your dreams. I support this project because I believe that people with Diverse Abilities deserve a face and voice in the fashion industry. I hope the fashion industry begins to include more than just a hand full of DiversAble Models, because people with Diverse Abilities need to see people like themselves represented."

Trisha, you always put a smile on my face! I am truly honored to have a friend and supporter like you. Thank you for joining this movement and helping us change lives <3

Please shop at today! 90% of this month's sales proceeds will go towards funding The DiversAble Model Fashion Show. Thank you!


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