Mandi's CandI Corner - Fashion Show Update

Hey guys!

Today is going to be about an update.  I know, so many of you are generally really excited about seeing my wife don some awesome CandI and flash it for everyone to see, giving you sage-like advice about what to wear it with all the while. Today's more of another look at the upcoming fashion show we're putting together for October 31st!  Remember how much I said we needed?  $3,000, for this month.  So far, we've got $2,820 left to go.

We really need your help, guys!  This is a huge project, and it's going to impact a lot of people, make a huge statement, but we need your help to get it off the ground.  With Mother's Day just passed, it's not too late to buy something for your mom, or for at least one special mom out there that you know. Also, the number of models we're gathering for the fashion show is pretty impressive; you could help us out twice by buying one of the models a piece of jewelry, which means they get something to wear for the fashion show, and the proceeds can go towards helping pay for the fashion show itself!  Not sure what to buy that incredible mom you know or the model you want to empower?  CandI now offers e-gift cards, in 25, 50. 100, 150 and 200 dollar denominations.  That way, you don't even have to do the hard part of picking something out that person may not like, you let them pick out what they want!

We also know not all of you guys have the coin to be giving to the cause.  We get that and we respect that.  But you do have time, and obviously, you do have connections.  Make this cause your cause!  Share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.  Find those partners that can contribute to our cause, and make sure they know who we are and what we represent.  Put in the time, and put in the effort, and see your contribution flower exponentially!  You can make up for not donating, if you can help us find those that are able to contribute!  Don't give up, there are so many out there that need to hear this message:  Fashion belongs to the DiversAble now!

Contribute today at!


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