Thankful Thursday - Call for Allies!!

Hey guys!

So, I missed this week's Worship Wednesday, and I'll make it up to you.  In the meantime, we got a Thankful Thursday to write.  Well, we're all out of people to be thankful for, you stinkers! I'm just kidding.  Haha!

No, really, we wanted to thank everyone who reads this blog.  We understand that not everyone has the financial ability to support causes they feel strongly for.  Well, come October 31st, the DiversAble Model Project is going to the next level: we're running a Fashion Show in the South Bronx!  It's going to be huge, with some models, hair stylists and makeup artists coming in from out of town, even from out of state!  We're trying to get as much support from local organizations, even coverage from local press is something we're aiming for.  But a project this huge carries with it a substantial price tag. Mandi needs to sell $3000 in jewelry this month just to set this thing up!

And that's where you folks all come in!  Right now, we're asking that you buy jewelry, for yourself or someone you know, as 90% of the proceeds from this month's sales are going towards funding the Fashion Show!  Like I said earlier, we understand that not everyone can afford to buy something.  What we are going to ask is that you take what responsibility you do have very seriously!  First off, we need your help spreading the word!  Get out there, share this post on you Facebook feeds, your Twitter feeds, your Google+ pages, everything and everywhere.  But also, we need you to put some spirit into it, meaning, when you share it, act like this is a project you believe in! Let people know that we need financial support to get this thing running, and you need their help to reach this goal!  We need you to buy into this as much as we have, because a person who's passionate about a product or cause, in this case both, is the greatest sales asset you could ask for.  Be our greatest asset, put in the effort to sell others on this amazing idea, because as you can tell, haha, we need all the help we can get.

Help raise funds for the Fashion Show by shopping at and sharing this link:

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