Thankful Thursday - Curtis Frantz

Besides being a day late, this post is long over due! For those of you who know me, I am blessed with big vision. God has granted me the ability to see something in my head, and then make it happen. However, there is no way any of my vision could become reality without this strong father and husband. He often works behind the scenes and rarely gets the recognition he deserves, but he truly is a DiversAble Ally! Today it is my true pleasure to give an enormous THANK YOU to my husband Curtis Frantz!!!

Curtis was the very first person I shared my idea of The DiversAble Model Project with. He always encourages me to pursue my craziest dreams and often sacrifices his time and energy to ensure my success. He pushes me when I feel like giving up and celebrates my accomplishments.

Curtis cares for me and my Little Bear on a daily basis and makes living a relatively "normal" life possible. He helps me run my business and lends a hand whenever I ask. His posts on this blog barely scratch the surface of his creativity, eloquence, and passion. He has grown to accept his own Diverse Abilities and uses his story to empower others!

Thanks babe for going on this journey called Life with me. I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate everything you do for our son and for me. My prayer is that we will be remembered as a God-loving, God-fearing power couple that made a difference in people's lives. You are well on your way to an answered prayer! I love you <3

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