Thankful Thursday - Love Andujar


Let's be honest, love is the state of being we all aspire to be in.  Love is so much about endearing attention, unconditional positive regard.  Don't we all wish there was someone that liked us, was interested in us, and cared about the things that were important to us?  These is a person who will do that perfectly, and his name is Jesus.  But there is someone who does a pretty good job of representing that kind of attitude today, someone physical right now.

That person's name is Love.  Love Andujar!  There are very few people who succeed at creating an environment of acceptance, and hospitality.  Love Andujar is one of these people.  Not only is her personality great in recreating a little bubble of a more heavenly atmosphere, but she pursues things that are of God's heart as well.  In that vein, we'd like to recognize Love Andujar as a great DiversAble Ally!

While she doesn't have a lot of wealth or stuff to her name, she's seen the value in the DiversAble Model Project, and has supported it as avidly as anyone.  Beyond jewelry, she's advocated for family members with DiversAbilities, which makes her a super DiversAble Ally!  Love, we thank you, and we look forward to working with you going forward.  Thank you for being such an inspiration, such an advocate, such a DiversAble Ally!

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