Thankful Thursday - Pastor David Serrano, Jr.

Today I had a conversation with someone about how hurt they feel by a church they attended. In fact, I've heard many stories like this. Throughout our lives, especially our teen years, we have a desire to belong to a group, to be accepted. When people think of the ideal church, it's a place filled with people like themselves. Sure, people may debate on details, but there's no judgement. Most people don't dream of going to a church where they're forced to fit into a very small box, i.e. dress a certain way, give a certain amount of money, pray a particular prayer, etc. People who have a real relationship with Jesus know that these details don't really matter. Most people would love to go to a church for "people like us."

LifeHouse Christian Church is my home church and is the place for someone like me! From my first visit I was impressed by how easy-going and friendly Pastor Dave is. He is a visionary and is determined to empower everyone he comes in contact with. He has supported and stood behind all of my crazy ideas and helped me bring many of them to fruition. I rehearsed for two days how I would present the idea of our church being used for The DiversAble Model Fashion Show. TWO DAYS! I had a great speech prepared explaining how this could be a key to breaking into our community, how this could bring about partnerships, and how God could work in the lives of people by them just showing up. I think I spoke for about a minute, basically just saying that I'd like to do the show at church. I was ready for all the hard questions, but all he said was, "I think that's great. I have no problem with you using the church." That's just the kind of guy he is!

This is such a small example of why I call Pastor Dave a DiversAble Ally. I'd like all of your support to thank him today for the impact that he has had on my life and my family's life. He believes in me when I doubt myself and has given my family opportunities many people wouldn't. The Frantz family loves you and is blessed by your friendship and honored to be shepherded by you <3

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