Fashion Friday - Maureen Lovetro

It's been quite a challenge finding time to blog lately! I apologize to all my supporters for not being more diligent. I didn't want to let another Friday go by without showing off another beautiful DiversAble Model. Maureen Lovetro was excited when I reached out to her and asked her to participate in this project. Since writing her short bio, she has anxiously awaited this post and I'm honored to have her on board!

Maureen is wearing Bouquet Rouge Rings
"My name is Maureen Lovetro and I live in NYC.  My Diverse Ability is Cerebral Palsy. I'm 25 years old and I have just become a certified Child Life Specialist, which means I help children cope with being in the hospital by making sure they understand everything that is happening to them. I explain everything to them in an age-appropriate way. I also run a playroom, giving the kids a chance to just be kids. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Play Therapy and Disability Studies. I also enjoy working with psychiatric patients as a Pet Therapist every Saturday. I enjoy volunteering, but hope to be employed soon . 
I am proud of my perseverance and my life motto is, 'Choose joy no matter what my circumstances. God has a plan for me.' 
I feel the world sees people with Diverse Ability as professionally sick people. This project helps change that perception. The world needs to know that we wish to contribute to society and that our existence in the world is not a tragedy, but another expression of God's beautiful creation."

Your words are inspiring and we stand behind you and all your accomplishments! Thank you for supporting this movement <3

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