**Special Edition** - Hope!

In the wake of the Charleston shooting, I'm reflecting on how many crimes have been called "hate crimes," or "crimes of passion." What drives these people from intention to action??

One theory I have is that many people have a sense of hopelessness. When that hopelessness becomes so unbearable, people are often moved to act. Some people harm themselves, while some people harm others...

What if we reversed this theory for a positive outcome? What if many people had an overwhelming sense of hope? Could hope move people from intention to action?? Could hope cause people to help themselves and others? I vote yes!!

The #DiversAbleModel Project is based on hope. There are many ways that this world needs to be changed, but I have hope that I'm not the only one who cares about equality for people with Diverse Abilities. I have hope that I can help make a difference in my life and the lives of many others. My hope moves me from just having good intentions, to taking good action!

Today you can join me! We can instill hope in people around the nation, maybe even the world, by showing them they are NOT alone. We can show a marginalized, often bullied, often forgotten group of people that we are going to do more than just have good intentions. We are going to take action...Will you give hope?

Pineapples have been a sign of hospitality since the days of the early American colonies. Order this charm today as a badge of hope, so people with Diverse Abilities will know you can either relate, or that you are willing to show them sincere hospitality! http://bitly.com/FashionShowFund

Donate to The DiversAble Model Fashion Show directly at: GoFundMe.com/DMPFashionShow


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