A friend of mine shared an amazing link with me and I have to share it with all of you :-)

As you may know, one of the methods The DiversAble Model Project is using to create opportunities for the inclusion of people with Diverse Abilities is promotion in the fashion industry. Though we started out focusing on women, I was very excited by the launch of the c+i's Men's Shop. I have been able to reach out to those DiversAble Male Models! This week in NYC is the first Men's Fashion Week and if you're a #DiversAbleMan going for an urban look, then you'll want to get this bracelet and a pair of Nike FlyEase sneakers.

What is a Nike Flyease sneaker? Here's the link I was talking about:

Be sure to watch the video to get the full story. Matthew Walzer took a chance, raised his voice, and made an impact that will affect thousands, maybe millions, of people. I love when Designer Toby Hatfield says, "At some point, some people become less able sooner than others, but eventually we all become less able." If one young man could change the perception of a large company like Nike, think of the impact we could make if we organize ourselves and raise our voices!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this sneaker. Do they look good? Would the adaptation make a difference for you? Please share this post on your social media using the hashtags #DiversAbleModel and #NikeFLYEASE and TAG ME :-)

Support this project today by ordering from my Chloe + Isabel boutique: and/or donate to our GoFundMe page:


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