14 Years: Don't Forget

14 years ago I had just returned to the U.S. after a wonderful trip to Ireland. A new school year had started and I was in my 10th grade first period Science class. I remember my friend Miracle rolling into my classroom and saying, "The Twin Towers were hit by planes." I didn't understand then the seriousness of the situation, but my teacher's face spoke a thousand words.

The rest of that day is such a blur...an assembly in the gym, teachers crying, kids playing, bridges shut down. I knew things would be different. Every school bus was escorted by police to the bridge that would take us city kids home from Long Island. It was late, maybe 8:30pm. At home I watched as the video of the attacks replayed, the death count rose, missing persons were called in, people walked miles to get home. My city was turned upside down.

In those dark, scary, painful moments, I got a glimpse of God's glory. No one cared about each other's sexual orientation, disability, race, gender...we were truly the United States!

Today I see the tension between police & civilians, different races & cultures, hatred among families. Today we write #NeverForget, but haven't so many of us forgotten? Maybe we didn't forget the event, the images, our own pain & fear, but so many of us have forgotten what it means unconditionally sacrifice for another. We've forgotten how to put compassion, dignity, respect and love before apathy, disregard, anger, and hatred.

I challenge you, not only today, but in your everyday, to do something outside of yourself for someone. Sacrifice for someone. Take it a step further by sacrificing for someone you would normally think "unworthy." Stand united, not as a nation, but as humans! Let's really #NeverForget

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