Will You Stand/Speak?

This is Jack! He is one of KEEN New York's young Athletes. KEEN is a non-profit volunteer based organization, providing fitness, sports, and recreation activities to #DiversAbleYouth at no cost to the family.

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As the Program Coordinator, I am blessed to be in regular contact with children like Jack: fun, bright, sweet, and resilient. I get to see parents like his every weekend: dedicated, loving, persistent, advocates.

Our society has come a long way in integrating #DiversAblePeople into everyday life, but the journey is not even close to an end. What happens to children like Jack when they grow up, when their parents aren't there anymore? Who will advocate for his best interests? Who will take a chance on giving him work? Who will offer a helping hand so he can do the "normal" daily life activities?

Jack has a lot more "abilities" than some of our other Athlete's and I often ask, "Who will stand up for them? Who will be their voice? Who will see them for who they are and all they're capable of?" I will! I will step in when someone is in need. I will speak up for someone who can't! I know I can't do it alone and that is why I created The #DiversAbleModel Project!!
My dream is not far from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's...equality! Equality is more than laws, more than changing physical infrastructures to be accessible. Real equality is about people! It's about how we see each other, how we treat each other. That is why I chose to begin my project with a focus on the fashion industry. The fashion industry has a lot to do with perception. Starting a social movement within the fashion industry, changing the way people look at each other, can help us take a huge leap in the right direction. 

Will you stand up for children like Jack? Will you advocate for his best interests? If YOU will join me, then show your support by placing an order on my Chloe + Isabel boutique TONIGHT. Proceeds from all of tonight's orders will go toward funding for the DiversAble Model Fashion Show (coming soon!) Here is the link to SHOP: http://bitly.com/MandiCandI


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