"You've got to be kidding me."

Hello Everyone and welcome back to The (improved) DiversAble Model Project's Blog!! If you missed my LIVE re-launch video, be sure to check out my video post from Friday. There you'll learn more about what happened to the blog and why I'm relaunching now. You'll also get an explanation of our new tagline, "Unveiling True Beauty."

To kick-off our first "official" post (I guess they're all official, right?) I had to share this video! It has gone viral over the weekend, so many of you may have seen it, but this young girl's reaction reaffirms everything this blog stands for. Watch and then continue reading to understand what I mean:

There are so many amazing things happening here! Emma Bennett is a 10 year old girl who has a prosthetic leg. Her mom, Courtney Fletcher Bennett, had an American Doll shipped off to an organization called A Step Ahead Prosthetics. This organization specializes in designing prosthetic limbs for humans, but added this doll's prosthetic leg to their que, even including a personal letter.

First of all, way to go mom!! This is such a thoughtful gift and clearly a moment you will cherish forever. I have to recognize, what I presume to be, Emma's little sister who officially gained #DiversAbleAlly status. Did you see how excited she was for her big sis? Of course, kuddos go to A Step Ahead Prosthetics for taking the time to do this and understanding its importance.

Speaking of importance, this video speaks volumes about the need for a more diverse fashion world! In case you missed it, be sure to re-watch this young lady's reaction, but more importantly, listen to her words:

"You've got to be kidding me."

She says this comment so quickly, you might miss its significance. She is in disbelief. It is unlikely she would have had the same response if this doll looked like every other "perfect" doll she's seen, probably owns. The idea of a doll that doesn't fit the typical mold is foreign. So too, is the idea of a model who looks like me!

"Thank you. Thank you for making a doll look like me."

DiversAble Models throughout the nation long to say this about magazines, social media assets, movies! We don't need dolls created in our image. We're here. We're ready. We're beautiful!

GET INVOLVED: Rise up and help me make an impact in the fashion industry, and the country by placing an order on Mandi's CandI Shop. As an added incentive (as if the cause isn't good enough!), everyone who orders through this link today (by 11:59pm EST) will be entered to:

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