Aimee (Mom), Dan (Dad), Emily (Superhero)

Happy Independence Day!! I know we're celebrating our breaking away from Britain, but today is also about celebrating the heroes who helped make that happen. As I got to thinking about heroes, I realized that people with Diverse Abilities are often viewed as "inspirational," but not really heroes. For this reason, I'm taking you to the U.K. today to meet Emily.

She is a 10 year old girl who was born with Spina Bifida, a Diverse Ability that affects the spine, usually leaving people needing to use wheelchairs. When Emily's father, Dan White, realized there is a lack of DiversAble icons for his daughter to be empowered by, he created a comic book. He calls his comic book The Department of Ability and Emily is the main character!

As the leader of the D.O.A., Emily is equipped with a "multi-functional airborne wheelchair." She also "stands for truth and justice!" Her team of superheroes is called the Strongbones Superheoroes, in honor of her dad's partnership with Strongbones Children Charity, who is helping Dan publish the first run of this comic book. Many of the characters featured in the comics are based on real children served by Strongbones and friends of Emily.


What would a superhero team be without their very own theme song? Dan White partnered with an Australian band called Calling Utopia. Sarah Renehan wrote the lyrics and performed the D.O.A.'s theme song, an upbeat anthem, removing the typical sad, "inspirational" music usually associated with media featuring people with Diverse Abilities. Click Here to hear the song!

If you look at today's traditional heroes, they all have what society would consider a "disability." Iron Man is only super because of his robotic (prosthetic?) suit. The Hulk is only strong because of his inability to control his anger. Daredevil is only amazing because of his heightened senses caused by his visual impairment. It is important for every person to find heroes they can relate to. This issue is not just a problem faced in the UK. The United States also lacks positive, strong, independent people with DiversAbilities in media. Dan's comic book is about more than inspiration. It's about giving people with Diverse Abilities the opportunity to see that we are strong, powerful, super!

You can visit The Department Of Abilities website and support their mission by ordering from their Shop (some cute merchandise!). The First Edition of the comic book will be released soon and they do international shipping.

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