2 Months + Challenges

A lot can change in just one week. I went from feeling ok, with small bouts of "morning sickness," to having all day sickness. Though I haven't been throwing up, which is progress from my pregnancy with Little Bear, I'm still feeling pretty nauseous. I'm not sure if it's because of my Diverse Ability, or just me, but any change at all in my body affects me pretty severely.

Speaking of my Diverse Ability, let's talk about a few things that are a direct result of it that have come to the surface again. Last week I went to my first OB/GYN appointment for this pregnancy. All went pretty well, though we did discuss my need to limit my weight gain. All women are told to eat healthily and to try not to gain too much weight, but this is even more important for me since I have such limited physical mobility. During my first pregnancy, I gained about 35 pounds. My doctor has asked me to keep a weight gain goal of no more than 25 pounds, though she even acknowledged that this is a very difficult goal for any woman.

Next, every pregnant woman is at greater risk for blood clots during pregnancy due to the increased levels of estrogen in her body. However, add my inability to walk and that risk goes even higher. For this reason, I have to take a blood thinner for a good portion of my pregnancy. The blood thinner is in the form of a shot that my husband must inject me with every night. The liquid burns for several minutes once injected into the skin. I have to alternate areas of my body, specifically my thighs and abdomen. It's painful and not pleasant for me. My husband hates having to administer these shots because of the pain it causes, but we remind ourselves of how worth it everything will be.

Finally, running blood tests on me can be quite a feat. I have very small veins that roll and it's very difficult to draw blood. This also makes it challenging to give me IVs (I've had them in my neck before). During my appointment, I was stuck 3 different times with no success. I have to schedule an appointment at a lab in hopes someone there will have better luck. There are so many blood tests that need to be run to ensure my health and the health of my unborn Hunny Bee. It's frustrating and painful to not be able to just have blood drawn like everyone else.

We have a long journey ahead and it's been a bit more challenging feeling sick while caring for my Little Bear. We are preparing him for some big transitions, including a room change, and a bed change. There is lots to be done and I'm so grateful for everyone's support. All my commission from my businesses will be going towards preparing Little Bear's new room, so every purchase you make is going to this cause!

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