Ezra The Scribe

It's been a few weeks since I last posted and much has happened. At 22 weeks I'm definitely showing and had my anatomy scan ultrasound. My HunnyBee's movements are getting stronger and more frequent, particularly in the evenings! If you've been following me on social media, you may have seen my Facebook Live video, where I announced we are having our second boy. He will be named Ezra...

Before I move on with sharing details of why we chose Ezra as our HunnyBee's name, I need to share a confession. As I looked through this blog, I was re-inspired by the transparent stories of all the DiversAble Models on here and I remember committing to be just as open and honest with my own story. That said, I have to admit I felt a twinge of disappointment that I'm not having a girl. Then I felt extreme guilt for feeling this way! I have so many friends who would give anything to just have a healthy baby, yet here I was feeling disappointment that I'm having a boy. I praise God for good friends because as I expressed these feelings to one of them, she gave me permission to feel what I felt. It was so good to have someone say, "It's ok to feel that way." So if you read this sweet friend, THANK YOU <3

Now that I'm passed that initial emotion, I'm actually quite excited at the knowledge that I'll be the only female in my house! Even at 2 years old, my Little Bear is very protective of me. It will be beautiful to have my 3 men caring for and protecting me. I love all three so very much!

Ezra Dean ____ Frantz! We're working on a second middle name (it's a thing for us), but we love what we have so far. First, we love how Xavier and Ezra sound together. They're both strong names that we haven't run into often around here. Ezra is also a biblical name. You can learn about Ezra in the Old Testament in the Book of Ezra and Nehemiah, but he was a scribe and a priest. After the Babylonian exile, Ezra lead a group of Judean exiles back to Jerusalem. He reintroduced the Torah and enforced it's laws. Before Jesus was born, following God's laws was the only way to really ensure His blessings (thank God for Jesus because we all fall so short of the law!).
Now, why is this important to us and naming our son?

We believe words and names are powerful/meaningful. Many names in the Bible had meanings, but we like the significance of the name Ezra. Ezra of the Bible helped bring people home. He then taught them and helped ensure they followed God's ways. We hope both our son's will learn to love God and follow His ways. Our prayer is that out of their love for God, they will teach others His ways and bring people to "the cross," where they will find Jesus and be saved! These are big prayers and hopes, but nothing is too great for my God.

There you have it...My most current update. Stay tuned because we've already chosen HunnyBee's nursery theme and we're upgrading Little Bear to a "big boy room" with a new theme ;-)

Here's a clue to our HunnyBee's nursery theme...guesses are welcome:


  1. Love this! Paul told me on Sunday that the babies name would be Ezra which is awesome!!! Love you guys!


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