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14 Years: Don't Forget

14 years ago I had just returned to the U.S. after a wonderful trip to Ireland. A new school year had started and I was in my 10th grade first period Science class. I remember my friend Miracle rolling into my classroom and saying, "The Twin Towers were hit by planes." I didn't understand then the seriousness of the situation, but my teacher's face spoke a thousand words.

The rest of that day is such a assembly in the gym, teachers crying, kids playing, bridges shut down. I knew things would be different. Every school bus was escorted by police to the bridge that would take us city kids home from Long Island. It was late, maybe 8:30pm. At home I watched as the video of the attacks replayed, the death count rose, missing persons were called in, people walked miles to get home. My city was turned upside down.

In those dark, scary, painful moments, I got a glimpse of God's glory. No one cared about each other's sexual orientation, disability, race, g…

KEEN for Coffee

Hello to all my blog readers!!

It has been quite some time since I've posted here. Those of you who keep up with me on other social media platforms know I have been working very hard on several different projects. Between exploring The Axis Project, running my Jamberry Nails business, and officially becoming a Merchandise Manager (MM) with Chloe + Isabel, plus family responsibilities and my "day job," it's been hard to post as much as I'd like.

As a CandI MM, I am in the process of getting a team of at least FIFTY Merchandisers! My responsibilities are to inspire, motivate, and challenge them to achieve their individual goals. Every one of you who reads my posts has had a hand in helping me achieve this level of success in my business and I'm so grateful. I went back and forth on names for my team and finally chose #candiconquerors. Check out my Facebook post from a few days ago to read about the inspiration behind the name.

On another note, I want to share a…