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This young man is Micah Fowler. He is an actor who debuted in the 2013 film, Labor Day. This September, Micah will be starring in the new ABC sitcom, Speechless. All I have to say is FINALLY!!

Speechless is a comedy that will follow a middle-class family with strong personalities, as they move to an upper class area. There are two very exciting things about this show:

1. Micah Fowler will play a teen with cerebral palsy
2. Micah Fowler has cerebral palsy in real life

That's right!! There will finally be a show featuring a real DiversAble Model. Micah hopes this show will help people grow more comfortable being around people with Diverse Abilities. He wants people too see how "normal" we are, to see that we laugh, cry, and have a great sense of humor.

In an email he wrote to The Mighty, Micah states, "In real life, I live every day conquering challenges brought on by cerebral palsy. In addition to the physical challenges, one challenge I have noticed is that somet…

Am I doing something that matters?

When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, "Am I doing something that matters?" This is a question that has haunted me since the end of 2013. I look around me today and see friends becoming enemies, lives unnecessarily stolen, protests, and overall chaos. God has been gracious in protecting me, but I still think, "Am I doing something that matters?" 

At the end of 2012, I thought I had the perfect life, the one I envisioned for myself. My marriage was on the up, in the reconciliation process. I had my dream job, working for a Christian ministry serving inner-city youth. We just found a wheelchair accessible house in a decent neighborhood with a backyard for the dog, and enough space to start a family. It was perfect!

In just two years, everything changed! After having my #LittleBear in 2014, my husband's Depression began rearing it's ugly head. I was struggling in silence with Post-partum Depression. My job changed leadership and I knew God was calling…


Happy Independence Day!! I know we're celebrating our breaking away from Britain, but today is also about celebrating the heroes who helped make that happen. As I got to thinking about heroes, I realized that people with Diverse Abilities are often viewed as "inspirational," but not really heroes. For this reason, I'm taking you to the U.K. today to meet Emily.

She is a 10 year old girl who was born with Spina Bifida, a Diverse Ability that affects the spine, usually leaving people needing to use wheelchairs. When Emily's father, Dan White, realized there is a lack of DiversAble icons for his daughter to be empowered by, he created a comic book. He calls his comic book The Department of Ability and Emily is the main character!

As the leader of the D.O.A., Emily is equipped with a "multi-functional airborne wheelchair." She also "stands for truth and justice!" Her team of superheroes is called the Strongbones Superheoroes, in honor of her dad&#…