Adopt KEEN New York

I know, I know. Everyone wants a baby update...maybe a few more ultrasound pictures? I promise all that mushy gushy stuff is coming. However, I must once again depart from a baby update to share something I'm very passionate about.

Please do not mistake this for a political post. It isn't! I made the decision early on not to get involved in the talk. This is not because I don't care. I understand decisions are being made that personally affect me and my family. It's not because I have nothing to say. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm quite opinionated. I made the decision not to get caught up in the talk because I genuinely believe actions speak louder than words. I've chosen to continue living my life daily in a way in which my actions positively impact lives. When you bring together all the positive imprints on someone's life, that leads to real change, to transformation!

If you follow my social media, I shared a video earlier today that explained "The Magic of KEEN." (See the video HERE). Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN) is a national volunteer based non-profit organization, providing young people with Diverse Abilities with FREE sports and recreation activities. KEEN is also where I work. At this time, I am the only employee of KEEN New York and week after week I get to meet dozens of volunteers who dedicate their time to empowering DiversAble youth. Despite insane traffic, despite crowds of people, today was no different. Volunteers from throughout the 5 boroughs traveled to the East 54th Street Recreation Center to meet our young children and give them a place where they could enjoy being kids. Today, approximately 20 parents were given the opportunity to take a breather, grab a cup of coffee/tea, run an errand, and watch their child smile. Today, lives were positively impacted, maybe transformed, because we did more than just talk...we acted!

For 2017, I've chosen to "adopt" KEEN New York as my charity. If you've journeyed with me for at least a few years, you know I never stay somewhere, especially a job, if it doesn't align with my worldview. This doesn't mean it has to be a faith-based organization, or that their politics must agree with mine. This to me means, I never stay somewhere that prohibits me from doing the work, or living the life, I believe God is calling me to. I have chosen to support this organization with my time, and some finances, because I believe in the work we do. I have heard first-hand accounts of lives changed. I have witnessed the transformations in young people. Here's just one example:

Tonight I'm offering you the opportunity to join me in making real, lasting change. I'm asking you to consider doing more than writing your opinions on Facebook or Twitter. I'm challenging you to go beyond the letter writing, the protesting, the marching. I don't ask this of you because I'm against any of it, nor do I ask because I think it's wrong. I pose this challenge to you because I believe that YOU can make a meaningful impact today! YOU can leave a positive impact now! YOU can ensure the success of our young, diverse youth beyond our current political climate! YOU can act today!

Here are the ways you can act:

  1. Volunteer - Come out and experience the magic of KEEN for yourself! If you're interested in giving your time, please contact me.
  2. Spread The Word - Whether you share my post or mention it to a friend, give your network the opportunity to make real change too!
  3. Donate - There are several ways you can financially support the work we do:
                   a) Submit a direct tax-deductible donation on our website
                   b) Shop through Amazon Smile and be sure to select KEEN New York as your charity
                   c) Support one of my small businesses by placing an order and 5% of all proceeds
                       will go directly to KEEN New York*
Won't you join me and adopt KEEN New York this year? 

*Please contact me directly to submit an order that will go to KEEN New York


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